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This series of informal portraits focused on my desire  to produce compelling images of interesting and diverse people who do not normally reside in the limelight.  I did not want to show people as they wanted to be seen, or as they envision themselves, but as others most often see them.

 The everyday people  around us form a tapestry that can open our minds to greater acceptance and understanding of each other and foster greater access to human rights.

All we have to do is make a connection between each other. This was the basis for building this collection of photos.

Another aspect of this project was to impose some constraints as a personal challenge for me to change how I would normally approach making a photograph and help me look at subjects more creatively at the same time. The first was to limit artificial lighting to a single, small LED fresnel spot supplemented at times with a single reflector.

Next,  an effort was made for each subject to be photographed either in their home or workplace or another setting that was relative and comfortable for them.

Each individual featured in these images, I believe, can move into the light of our consciousness, and allow us to better appreciate their uniqueness and humanity once we “see” them.  All we have to do is open our minds, then look and listen.

Tony Windler, an extraordinary videographer and story teller, assisted me throughout this project with lighting, encouragement, and positive critiques.

An exhibit featuring seven extraordinary people under one light...

Look into their faces and discover something

about yourself.

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