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Follow my coverage of the St. Louis Stockley Verdict protests.

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Sept. 15 demonstration in downtown following the verdict announcement.

Sept. 16 march in the Delmar Loop area.

Sept. 22 gathering of 2nd Amendment protesters outside Carnahan Courthouse downtown.

Sept. 28 Town Hall meeting at Christ Church Cathedral

Oct. 4  waiting for release of protesters from City Justice Center after Oct. 3 I-64 takeover.

Oct. 5 protest at Hampton Village in South St. Louis.

Oct. 8 memorial protest for VonDerrit Myer Jr., murdered on this street corner three years ago by an off-duty St. Louis policeman.

Oct. 14 march from Police Headquarters to the Carnahan Courthouse and back!

Jan. 20, 2018 Women's March for Truth (2nd Annual) in St. Louis.